vikash vikal

Vikash Vikal


JHARKHANDBIHAR.COM Established in 4 Jan 2009. It is firmly believes in a 360º communication solution. With all the services under one roof. We are a dynamic and energetic group of professionals committed to the highest standards of excellence integrity our success is a reflection of our people. We use our in house talent and resources and treat design as an important element in the overall communications strategy of company. Clients are assured of on-time delivery, effective solutions and greater transparency. The result is accurate reporting on the manpower and cost invested in every job. This ultimately increases brand awareness and boosts sales, and will serve to build a brand with longevity over time. Mr. Vikas Vikal is the founder of Thanks to people around the Bihar & Jharkhand can easily keep in touch with all types of search. Not long ago, society just did not have such opportunity, but now everything has changed. This is not counting the fact is also a huge database chances to find your second half are impressive.